Origins of dolls’ houses

Origins of doll’s houses

Dolls’ houses date back to the 16th century and were originally called ‘baby houses’ as they tended to be replicas of wealthy family homes. During the 18th century, dolls’ houses were created in the interior of attractive cabinets and the doll cabinet of Sara Ploos van Amstel is one of the best known examples. Dolls houses became more popular in the late 1800s when many Victorian nurseries had one which children joyfully played with. Today many hobbyists and children enjoy the world of dolls’ houses. Dolls house enthusiasm is shared by so many…

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For about 40 years I restored a lot of antique pine and bamboo furniture of which there were many variations such as faux bamboo and papier mache. I try to replicate these to the 1/2th scale for dolls houses. Because of the many variations in designs I am regularly making new pieces of which I generally only make about 10 and they are all slightly different. I use different finishes on decorated surfaces some papered others with hand painted designs and also a combination of the two. With drawers, doors and lids opening I take care to construct the pieces to ensure they are robust.