Yours is one of the prettiest miniature beds I have every purchased!I could tell from the photos on your website, that the bed was Something Really Special but the Reality is that it’s  even BETTER in person! I Absolutely LOVE everything about it and am seriously considering leaving it half undressed just so the tufted mattress and the Beautiful bed frame can be more easily seen and appreciated.

Many thanks for making your talents so available to us who stand in Awe, and also for the Terrific Customer Service- GOD’s Blessings!


Thank you Tony for designing and adding another dimension to the Georgian style doll’s house you made me many years ago. Furnishing the conservatory is great fun:-))

Diana F


Thank you so much for restoring my old childhood doll’s house back to its former glory. It has brought back so many happy memories.

Joan S


Many thanks for bulding a unique doll’s house for my granddaughter’s 9th birthday present. It will be something she will enjoy for many years.



Hi Tony

Thank you again for my new doll’s house you built working from photos of my old family house. It has brought back so many happy memories and I am enjoying sourcing suitable furniture and other delights.


Tony-I am looking forward to seeing your new designs as the wardrobes I bought last year when I first met you at a Doll’s house fair have completed one bedroom.. Please let me know where you will selling this year as I have 2 more bedrooms waiting to be furnished:-))

Regards Julie J      

Thanks Gill for sending me a photo of one of my beds completed with your bedding

Regards Tony